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What is Little Egg? Little Egg is a place where loved ones can leave your child a financial gift, as well as post messages, pictures, and videos just for them! As your child grows, they will gather a collection of loving memories that everyone has left for them over the years. Keep reading to learn all about how Little Egg works.

How it works

Set Up

Create a Little Egg page for your child to collect gifts, messages, pictures, and videos in one secure place.


Invite your loved ones to use Little Egg to post meaningful memories and messages (text, photo, video) on their page and/or send financial gifts.


At a date of your choosing, give your child the nest egg and the collection of messages and memories that your friends and family have left them over the years!


What is Little Egg?

Little Egg is a platform that provides an easy, fun, and memorable way for family and friends to contribute to a child’s education fund or other savings account or simply send them a cash gift. It’s a gift, greeting card, photo album, and time capsule all in one! This easy-to-use online service facilitates seamless financial contributions while collecting loving messages and memories from contributors. Little Egg allows friends and family to show their love in a way that will last a child a lifetime and help make their future brighter! 

Why use Little Egg?

There are currently no equivalent products or services that offer all of the below in a single solution.

  • Makes financial contributions into a memorable and fun way to show love
  • Facilitates easy financial transactions and records them in a central location
  • Securely stores written, photo, and video messages
  • Provides elderly relatives with the peace of mind that their love will be remembered and appreciated for a lifetime
  • Empowers parents to set boundaries on consumerism by removing the awkward feeling of asking for financial contributions instead of toys and other material gifts
Who is Little Egg for?

Little Egg is intended to be flexible so families can use it in whatever way works best them. Below are a few examples of choices that parents and families can make.

  • Storage of the financial gifts – invest the savings, open a savings account for your child, or simply keep them in your account
  • Use of the financial gifts – give as a larger monetary gift, use to fund education, or put towards a particular special gift
  • Age of child receiving access to account – a special birthday/milestone gift at any age or give them access throughout childhood to spend or watch their own money grow
  • Display of messages and memories – exported and made into a keepsake book or remain digital
How do the financial gifts work?

The Little Egg financial gift functionality currently uses PayPal. This means the Parent/Guardian Account holder will need to have a PayPal account in order to accept gifts. You can set up a PayPal account in just seconds, here. If you have more than one child, you can use the same PayPal account for both because their individual totals are tracked through their page. And its super easy to connect your PayPal account to your page (just an email address)!

Gifts can be given using credit, debit, or PayPal; you don’t need a PayPal account to give a gift! Note that the PayPal transaction fees do apply, but Little Egg does NOT charge any fee.

For actual instructions on how leaving a gift works and on troubleshooting any PayPal issues, you can visit our Instructions page.

What does “beta system” mean?

This means that even though we have a fully functional and secure system, we are still working hard to make improvements and add features to Little Egg! We are using the feedback from our amazing customers 😊 to make sure that we are giving you exactly what you want and need in our product.

During the beta phase, our pricing is lower – if you sign up now, you will keep this low price forever, even as we add more awesome features.

Can I give a Little Egg account as a gift?

Yes!! If you know someone who might love to have a Little Egg account for their kids, you can buy a Parent/Guardian Account for them with as many child pages as you like (hint: it makes a great shower gift). You can pay in advance for a 5-year or 10-year account subscription, so they pay nothing until that time is up.

Just use our contact us form to tell us what you need and we will get back to you to process payment and provide them with a free account!

How secure is Little Egg?

At Little Egg, security is our top priority! Below are some of the ways we are working to protect your data and keep all your personal information secure.

  • Little Egg has three different account types/levels of access, to make sure that you have full control over both who leaves gifts/messages on your child’s page and who sees the contents of each page.
  • We use PayPal to handle all financial transactions between users, to make sure your money is sent and stored securely.
  • We collect very little personal data about you (only what is necessary to create an account) and no personal information is collected about your child(ren). Only a name is required to display on your page (though not necessary) and this data is not collected by Little Egg for any use, ever!

Do you still have any questions about Little Egg? We would love to hear from you!

Our Story

Little Egg is a small startup business founded in 2021 in Victoria, BC, Canada. We are passionate about sustainable innovation and making the planet better for future generations. Our business is driven by the belief that if we could all live a bit more simply, purchase with intention, and practise moderation in consumerism, we could make a huge difference in the waste we produce through production, transportation, and disposal of every day items.

We started Little Egg when we realized that so many purchases are made by people who are simply trying to express their love for others, especially for kids 🥰 !  And so if we want more people to consider purchasing less, we need an easy, fun, and memorable alternative to all of this consumerism! We hope you will join us on this journey to a simpler and more sustainable life! We would love to hear any questions or comments from you through our contact us page.