These instructions are meant to help you set up your child page(s), manage your account, and invite your friends and family to contribute to your pages.

Leave posts on a child page (messages, media, and gifts)
All Users
  1. Leaving a message.
    • On any child page, click on “leave a gift + message” if you plan to leave a gift or “leave a message” if you plan to leave a message without a gift. Media can be attached with either option.
    • Enter the “Posted by” name. This will appear on the post along with the name associated with your account.
    • Enter the date that you would like to be associated with the post on the page (for example, a birthday). Note that the message will still post right away but the selected date will be listed.
  2. Attaching media to a message.
    • Under “add media” select yes
    • Add to the media gallery by uploading pictures and videos. These will appear on your post in the order they are in the gallery.
  3. Leaving a financial gift.
    • Click on “process gift“. You can pay using PayPal or proceed with a credit card (you do not need a PayPal account to give a gift). Note that fees will be applied to the gift upon receipt.
    • Click on “leave a gift + message” and proceed as above, but enter the dollar amount you wish to give under “gift amount”.
Set up your child page(s)
Parent/Guardian Accounts only
  1. Go to your home page by clicking on “Home” on the menu in the top right corner.
  2. Add the names on your child pages.
    • Go into the child page under “My child pages” on your home page.
    • Click the edit button next to the name and enter the name that you would like to appear on their page (i.e. first and last, just first, or a nickname). This can be changed at any time.
  3. Add a description/note on your child pages.
    • Go into the child page under “My child pages” on your home page.
    • Click the edit button next to the description and enter a note for anyone on your child’s page. This could be a description of what the money and memories will be used for, a special request, a simple thank-you, or anything else. This can be changed or removed at any time.
  4. Link up your PayPal account to receive gifts.
    • Go to “manage gifts”  on your home page and enter the email address associated with your PayPal account.
    • Once it is entered, we recommend testing the connection by going to any of your child pages and clicking on “leave a gift + message”. If the connection is set up, you will be able to leave a gift, if it is not set up, you will see “_____ is not yet set up to receive financial gifts for _____. Please give them a heads up so you can start sending _____ gifts!”
Invite your loved ones
Parent/Guardian Accounts only
  1. Send out Guest links.
    • Go to “manage guest links” on your home page and simply copy, paste, and send the link out.
      Note: Using these links, guests can leave pictures, videos, and messages without creating an account, but they can not see what others have left on your child’s page.
    • You can deactivate a guest link at any time by generating a new link.
  2. Invite Family & Friends Account users.
    • Go to “manage access to existing pages” on your home page and click on “Create an invite link“. Enter their email address and send an invitation.
    • They will be sent an email with a link to connect to the page. If they do not already have a Little Egg account, they can create a Family & Friends Account for free and go back to click the link afterwards to connect. Note: they must use the same email address as you used to invite them.
    • You can manage which Family & Friends Accounts have access to any of your child pages by deselecting any of the blue checkmarks.
Manage your account
Parent/Guardian Accounts, Family & Friends Accounts
  1. Manage Account Information.
    • Go to “My Account” in the upper right menu.
    • Under “Account details” on the left menu you can manage your name as it is associated to your account (i.e. our communications to you) and your Display Name as it will appear on any posts you leave on any pages.
  2. Manage Subscriptions.
    • Go to “Subscriptions” on the left menu and click “view” to see the details of a subscription and/or cancel a subscription.
      Note: once a subscription is cancelled, you have until the next payment is due to reinstate the subscription.
  3. Manage Payment Information.
    • Go to “Payment methods” on the left menu to delete or add a payment method.

Troubleshooting PayPal gifts
All Users

The Little Egg financial gift functionality currently uses PayPal. This means the Parent/Guardian Account holder will need to have a PayPal account in order to accept gifts. You can set up a PayPal account in just seconds, here. If you have more than one child, you can use the same PayPal account for both because their individual totals are tracked through their page. And its super easy to connect your PayPal account to your page (just an email address)!

Gifts can be given using credit, debit, or PayPal; you don’t need a PayPal account to give a gift! Note that the Paypal transaction fees do apply, but Little Egg does NOT charge any fee!

To give a gift, a user selects the “Leave a gift + message” on the child’s page. The gift $ amount is entered in the “Gift Amount” box and the rest of the post is completed as normal. When the user has completed the post and selects “process gift” a PayPal screen will pop up. If the user does not have a PayPal account, they can simply select “Pay with a credit or Visa Debit card” and complete the details to process the transaction.

NOTE: the value of the gift amount will take some time (a few hours to a few days) to process and show up on the page. If this is the first time you have received money on your PayPal account it can take up to 20 days to process.

See below a list of (PayPal) errors that can occur, and how to resolve them on your PayPal account.

  1. The PayPal popup window does not appear when they go to process a gift (or disappears quickly).
    • This means that there are restrictions on the PayPal account of the Parent/Guardian Account. You can remove these restrictions by following PayPal’s instructions.
  2. A user does not see the “Pay with a credit or Visa Debit card” option in the PayPal popup window when they go to process a gift.
    • This means that the PayPal account of the Parent/Guardian Account is not yet set up to receive funds. In order to allow your PayPal account to receive funds, all you need to do is verify your phone number and email address with PayPal! More assistance with this can be found here on PayPal’s instructions.