Note that Little Egg is currently in the beta stageWhat does this mean?

Easy, fun, and memorable financial gifts for kids.

Pair financial gifts with messages, pictures, and videos on a secure platform to create a priceless compilation of memories for your child.

What is Little Egg ?

Little Egg is an online platform where you can:

  • Accept and save money securely for a special gift or build your child a nest egg
  • Link financial gifts with messages, pictures, and videos to save memories forever
  • Create a digital scrapbook with contributions from your loved ones as your child grows

Why use Little Egg

It’s completely secure!

You control who leaves post on your child’s page as well as who sees the posts and gift $ values.

It’s totally flexible!

All posts are exportable at any time and the financial gifts go straight to your designated PayPal account.

It’s easy to use!

Set up your pages in under 5 minutes and invite others to view or post on your child’s page in 3 clicks or less.

How does Little Egg work?

Create a Little Egg page for your child to collect gifts, messages, pictures, and videos in one secure place.

Invite your loved ones to use Little Egg to send your child financial gifts along with meaningful memories and messages (text, photo, video).

At a date of your choosing, give your child the nest egg and the collection of messages and memories that your friends and family have left them over the years!

What does Little Egg give you?

More loving memories

Form a collection of personal messages to last your child a lifetime

More sustainable living

Reduce excess consumption to live simply and help the environment

More financial security

Support easy and secure contributions to your child’s financial future

What are people saying about Little Egg?

“Great idea for a gift. So much more personal than sending cash! 😊”
– Danielle, BC, Canada

“Little Egg’s platform is a game changer for future generations.”
– Alex, CT, USA

“What an amazing concept this is. Providing memories and stress free gift giving.”
– Gary, BC, Canada